Since March of 2020 we have all been on a journey none of us ever expected to be our daily reality.  Here at Sunrise Wellness Spa, we are dedicated to keeping our clients, shoppers and staff safe at all times.  We have a strict cleaning and sanitizing regime.  In the meantime. her is what we do to keep you all safe.

Regular cleaning is done daily.  Upon entering a mask is mandatory, if you do not have a mask, one will be supplied for you, with a hand sanitizer station at the door along with a temperature check being done before entering the massage room(s).  Covid 19 forms are a must, and are filled out and signed before all or any services will be performed.  We sanitize surfaces after every client with either our bluelight vaporizer or the sanitizer purchased from NWT or both.  Nothing is left untouched.  All manicure and pedicure tools go through an electronic cleaning after being brushed and sanitized with cleanser.  Floors are cleaned and sanitized daily so you can feel safe walking around without shoes in the spa and boutique.  Our pens are cleaned after use and the seating area is sprayed down after your visit.  All staff have their own hand drying towel, which is changed daily.  

Thank you for stopping and shopping at Sunrise Wellness Spa.  We appreciate you.  Please continue to be safe.  We will treat you royally.  Please know that you are safe to shop – and come for all spa services.  We have “Dianna” for you Eminence testers that are cleaned after each shoppers experience. The product is on a spoon to try an individual towel to clean their hands.  

Wash hands to the “Happy Birthday song”.  Use hand sanitizer.  Cough or sneeze into a Kleenex and dispose in the garbage.  

We love you and appreciate you.