Water In Cosmetics and Biodynamic Farming

Water In Cosmentics and Biodynamic Farming

Eminence is an organic no water added product.  They source premium ingredients from all over the world and combine them with traditional Hungarian craftsmanship to bring you the best skin care wordwide.  While most of our products are made in Hungary, some of our products are made in North america with Hungarian formulations and the finest ingredients.

Many of the products in the cosmetic and skin care industry contain water.  Ingredients listed are in order of the most important by weight.  So, if water or aqua is first you know what the majority of your porduct is water

Skin care may contain 60 to 80% of water, some could be up to 90%.  Shampoo and shower gels could be up to 95%.  The over use in water can strip away natural oils.  You don’t need water in your products, have a glass of water you will be better off.

Eminence Organic skin care falls into Biodynamics.  This certification provides an extra level of wholeness.  These standards ensure ingredients are conscientiously sourced and concocted, labeling is completely transparent.  Both Organic and Biodynamic are very simular: both are grown without chemicals and GMO’s.  However, biodymanic goes one step further.  It is a holistic practice where all things are considered living interrelated systems – animals, plants and the solar system.  This creates healthier plants and heal the earth by replenishing the soil and adding vitality to the planet, soil and/or livestock.  Crops are planted and harvensted following the lunar cycle to ensure maxium vitamin and nutrient content.  Herbal teas and plant friendly loney traps from local bees are used as natural insect repellents.  There is a serial number on the bottom of the products that determine when the ingredients were harvested and under what lunar cycle they were grown in.  Biodynamic is 3X more potent than organic! Less is more. 3X more potent = use 3X less.   https://eminenceorganicfarm.com/?__hstc=66487921.352739147d3ef4c7784d767a4b4e2187.1623085789897.1623085789897.1623085789897.1&__hssc=66487921.8.1623085789898&__hsfp=508227849