SST arrives!
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SST  New Lip Plumper Line

Purchase a new lip plumper and receive a lip liner at 50% off until June 30, 2019.

The New lip plumper is finally here!   Exciting new colors that are sure to turn heads.  Red Carpet delivers a bold statement of red like no other.  Vip is just a tone down from that bold red but still packs enormous color.  Cashmere is a soft pink tone to deliver that kissable lip look. Rose Gold is that perfect cross of a soft pink with a burst of gold. Mellow Out is a step up with a more soft brown undertone.   Warm Up maps the lips in a solid warm medium brown with a classy shine.  Personality is a bold pink color offering a perfect blend of red and pink together.  Clear offers that glossy shine with no dramatic color, use alone or apply over any lipstick for extra shine.  Lip plumper can be worn over or under any other lipstick.   Used with a lip liner will enhance and protect color from diminishing.   This lip plumper is a liquid lipstick that has up to 24 hours of wear.  The effects of plumper lips lasts up to 4 hours.  Contains ginger, vitamin B, niacin, and “insta plump (registered product)”

SST Cosmetics also has Lip Polish. It is a no stick gloss that impresses with lots of shine.  Infused with Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin E for moisture and Sweet Almond Oil for firmer lips.  Delicately finished with a soft vanilla scent.  Hydrating Lipstick has great coverage and the staying power.  No more dry lips!  Infused with Grape Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter with a soft vanilla scent.  Long wear formula, extremely hydrating, weightless, non-stick formula.  Lip Fix Balm is a protective coat.  This intense lip treatment is loaded with nourishing ingredients.  It repairs damaged and dehydrates lips.  Lip fix contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the key ingredients used to protect from the sun and further dehydration.  Contains vitamin A, C, & E, shea butter, marine filling spheres, and aloe.  Colors are flesh tone and clear.

Lip Definition Pencils define your lips with ease.  They glide along the lip without tugging or pulling due to the creamy stay put formula.  Extremely long wear, smooth, easy to apply and weightless.

Sunrise Wellness Spa carries a full line of SST cosmetics.  SST cosmetics are mineral based.  These minerals are the highest quality from around the world.  They are finely milled before any other ingredients are added.  The minerals boost positive benefits to the skin.  The added ingredients are what take the minerals from loose powder form to a pressed, liquid, gel, or cream form.

SST Cosmetics are Paraben Free.  Parabens are used as a preservative in many cosmetics and personal care products, including make-up.  Parabens have been found to weakly mimic estrogen’s in animal studies due to the fact that parabens easily penetrate the skin.  This rises health concerns because of the link between the hormone estrogen and breast cancer.  At SST Cosmetics Inc. we have made a  choice to use paraben free formulations.  High level of antioxidants help to preserve our product in the same manner that parabens would.  You can rest easy knowing you are using safe cosmetics!