Reflecting on 2015 and Pressing on in 2016


It’s time to make some changes in our daily lives and make plans in order to accomplish our dreams and/or our desires. I am sharing some of my journey from the past 2 years of taking online courses. It is never TOO LATE for something new and CHANGE!

I have learned lots and I am slowly integrating them into my life.

REFLECTING over 2015 and IDENTIFY what worked and what did not. This the difference and you should write this out so you can review it and evaluate how much you have grown or “come along” on your journey.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What did work?
  2. What did not work?

After you have written these questions out take some time and reflect on the WHAT NOT…and learn from that.

Now it is time to start planning for 2016. Make sure you write this down too. You’re more likely to achieve your goals if they are written down and reviewed regularly in order to keep you on tract.

What are your categories? … Business? Health? Family? Relationship?

First of all before you dive right into achieving your goals you have to put into place it is always very beneficial to PURGE!

I started my purging about 1 year ago. I have belonged to many organizations and attended many conferences. Now 15 years later is was time to sort, organize and purge of all the unnecessary items I have accumulated over the years. I decided to host Christmas this year and I decided to go through my home and WOW! It was so nice to be rid of pieces of paper and just STUFF! I then moved on to my business for the 2nd go around. I spent 4 days and the staff came and helped me one day to go through filing drawers, organizing, shredding, deleting and labeling. It feels like a brand new place!

There is less frustration and we can find everything we need and we have streamlined all our procedures and documenting things that are relevant.

Now For The Focus!

  1. What will you work on this year and be Specific!
  2. Plan- Write out how you will accomplish this. Do you need to read books or attend workshops and which ones?
  3. How much will you need to read daily? Sometimes it’s easier to READ OUT LOUD! If you are like me reading can sometimes help you fall asleep so I read out loud and I stay awake and I also retain more of what it is I am reading. Underline and highlight important information or information that you really relate to. It’s nice to be able to go back to it over the years for reminders.
  4. Keep a notebook of all your plans. This way everything is one place. Review often to see that you are working in the right direction and how far you have come.
  5. Have a mentor or an accountability partner! The right person can keep you on track and focused. It’s amazing what you will learn. My accountability partner is awesome and lives on the other side of America! We meet and talk once a week. There are many ways of doing this FREE OF CHARGE. We map out one hour and it’s worth it. It is invigorating and positive. We can practice our NEW ways of speaking and identify our WORDS that are not serving us. Our Vocabulary is critical to our achieving success and our dreams. We need to use positive words that will ATTRACT positive outcomes.

It’s not too late to adopt NEW HABITS in a new way. Every step you take will bring you closer to your goal.

REMEMBER: If you keep doing the same thing that you have always done, you will get the same thing that you have always got.

And be patient changes come slowly, be persistent.

It is time to CHANGE, Let 2016 be the best year ever!

The Best is Yet to Be!