Planning for Happy Holidays with massage from Sunrise Wellness Spa

Sunrise Wellness Spa is owned and operated by Geraldine Barrett RMT, SMT (c). After 20 years of massage therapy practice her passion to help other people sparked a desire to travel around North America to see and learn from the best in the spa industry.  Geraldine has now celebrated 35 years in the industry and she has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she strives to share as her purpose to help others continues. 

Here Geraldine shares her expertise and thoughts with you in the following article:

 Planning for Happy Holidays with massage from Sunrise Wellness Spa

HI, my name is Geraldine Barrett and  I love sharing my passion for  massage therapy.

Do you know the value massage has on your holiday plans? 

Life is stressful and working hard to get everything done before you leave on vacation  really adds to the stress load. Stress affects our thinking, our communication, our ability to include our family. They feel our tension and lack of presence.Yes, you plan to go on holidays to relax – and at the end of holiday you may be relaxed, however; in the process the family has felt your sharp words, lack of participation and perhaps neglect.

I suggest clicking on the line and pre  booking your full body massage the week or 2 weeks before your departure date.  

Nothing should change this plan, then you can leave on your holiday with the stress load significantly reduced. Make sure the whole family enjoy your precious presence on this precious vacation time.

Have a great holiday where ever you roam.

Geraldine Barrett