Inside the Sunrise Wellness Boutique!

The Sunrise Wellness Boutique is brimming with products from around the globe that we use in all of our spa services.  These are natural, holistic, organic products for all skin conditions and skin types.  The Sunrise  team don’t believe that spas are merely a place for pampering, we believe spas can transform your psychological health and well-being.

You will be sure to find the perfect gift idea in our little boutique, something appropriate for every occasion and for that special person in your life, and if you’re not exactly sure what to get them, then may we suggest a convenient Sunrise Wellness gift card? Available in many denominations!

Socks and Night Lights

Warm socks and many varieties of night lights!

Warm Buddy Products

Mittens (child and adult), bath salts, pillow sprays, shoulder/back wraps and eye patches.

Bath Bombs, Scarves and Canada Cups

Items for the bath, for your warmth outside, and for your hot chocolate and water. A great combination for winter!

Medicinal Items

Various vitamins.

Specialty Tea

A large selection of tea is available, both packaged and in bulk.

Beach Glasses and Bottle Cozies

The beach glasses and bottle cozies make great gifts!