Massage Therapy
Therapists address pain management, muscle strain and stress reduction to provide general wellness.

Massage Treatment 30 min. $49
Targeting pain and specific muscles to relieve the strain/injury.

Full Body Massage 60 min. $73
Thorough work on the whole body to create balance, reduce stress and for maintenance.

Extended Massage 90 min. $109
Working on the entire body for a total feeling of rejuvenation and wellness, abdomen included.

On Site Seated Massage 20 min. $26
Fully clothed – tension release

Jade Stone Massage 60 min. $88 / 90 min. $116

Sport Massage 30 min. $49.
Pre and Post event massage enhances performance and reduces injuries.
Specific AIS Stretching. Very Specific and powerful

Active Isolated Stretching 60 min. $65
Isolating each major muscle group and stretching with rhythmic breathing. Flexibility enhances performance, rehabilitation and wellness.

Mother-to Be- Massage/Anti Stretch Mark Treatment 30min. $54 or 60 min. $73
A special support will make you & your baby comfortable. Relieves stress and strain on lower back & legs and assists to make delivery easier.
Child Massage 30 min $32
Massage will help with any birth traumas, falls & tumbles.

Craniosacral Therapy 30 min. $54 / 60 min. $78
A gentle, but powerful treatment that balances the cerebral spinal fluid in the spinal comlmn & the structures of the cranium. Ideal for head injuries, emotinal stress, ringing in ears as well as problems like headaches, TMJ and MVA.

Body Treatments
Tailored to your individual skin care needs, we offer wonderful services with high quality organic products.

Body Exfoliation
Exfoliates and polishes the skin creating radiance and is followed by a revitalizing moisturizer.

Sugar Scrub 60 min $70
Salt Glow Treatment 60 min $70

Vital Chi Skin Brushing and Custom Wrap
We start with the dry brushing for the skin which is the largest organ of your body to absorb the wellness benefits of our products. Then a customized wrap that is most ideal for your skin type and state of health. Then your skin will feel complete with a rich nourishing moisturizer.

  • Moor Wrap 60 min $100
    Seaweed Wrap 60 min $100
    Eminence wrap 60 min $100