Sunrise Wellness Spa Massage and Spa Package Pricing


All of our therapeutic massage treatments are performed by Registered Massage Therapists, which can be eligible for coverage under your Health Care Benefits. Find out if you are covered and let us know if you need a receipt. 

Massage Treatment:    30 min. $69              60 min. $97.75

Targeting pain and specific muscles to relieve the strain /injury. In this service after a detailed consultation, the therapist will determine the best massage for you. We massage the back to address the nervous system and major muscles in the back and the hips; the neck and shoulders and the front of thigh addressing the quads.

Active Isolated Stretching completes this treatment; it is also used for maintenance to keep you healthy and active. The depth of massage depends on what you want. If you have come in with a specific problem we work on related muscles that support those that are injured or stressed.

Full Body Massage:    60 min. $97.75

A detailed consultation will be taken to understand how you use and abuse your body. Thorough massage on the whole body to create balance, reduce stress and for maintenance. The therapist will massage the entire body for a total feeling of rejuvenation and well-being.This also includes the arms, legs and feet and hands, head and face.                                                                                                

Extended Full Body Massage:    90 min. $138

Working on the entire body for a total feeling of rejuvenation and wellness, we extend our full body massage to include the abdomen and the chest as well.                                                                  

Sports Massage:  60 min. $86.25

This was designed especially for sports and is a very special skill. Specifically addressing the origins and insertions of major muscle groups; deep transverse friction; compression to the belly of the muscles and jostling. Some stretching is also incorporated. Athletes love it as well as oil workers, farmers and ranchers. It is very powerful to experience at a sporting event as well.

 On-Site Seated Massage:   20 min. $29.90

This seated massage was developed for the work force and be brought to business locations “on –site”. It addresses Japanese meridians and acupressure points to stimulate the muscles, nerves and release stress and blocked energy to invigorate you and give you a boost in your work day. It has reduced errors, improved moral and relationships in the workplace.                                  

Jade Stone Massage:   60 min. $109.25       90 min.  $152.95

Hot & Cold Jade Stones are an electric, magnetic equivalent to body and earth. It helps flush out the body, improving your immune system and creating a deep relaxation. Hot and cold therapy is a signature spa treatment that has many benefits. It should not be compared to massage therapy. Relaxation from jade stone is much different and you are never sore from a Jade Stone Massage.                                                                                                                                          

Active Isolated Stretching:   60 min. $80.50

This method of facial release isolates major muscle group and stretching with rhythmic breathing, enhancing flexibility, performance, rehabilitation and wellness. You are not sore from this type of stretching. Athletes gain much from this at games to prevent injury and post event trauma, as well ranchers, oil men and farmers are grateful for the increased range of motion.                                                                                                          

Mother-to-be Massage:   60 min. $103.50

We have a special body support cushion which you can lie face down in a prone position making you and your baby very comfortable. The massage relieves stress and strain on your lower back and legs and it also assists to make delivery easier. This massage will help settle your baby down and gives Mom some much needed rest. We use belly butters for stretch mark prevention and aromatherapy to enhance the relaxation process.

During the full body massage – with your permission we will massage your abdomen and your baby.

Child’s Massage (12 & under):   30 min. $40.25

This massage will help with any birth traumas, falls or tumbles. Whether an infant, preschooler or child, massage will give relief of many conditions such as asthma, growing pains and stressors of childhood. The therapist is gentle and calming to the child, therefore the child develops a very good relationship with the therapist. Healing and change begins.                                                                         

Craniosacral Therapy:   60 min.   $103.50

A gentle, yet powerful treatment that balances the cerebral spinal fluid in the spinal column and the structures of the cranium. This massage is ideal for head injuries; such as concussion, emotional stress, ringing in the ears, as well as problems such as headaches, TMJ & MVA. It is calming and soothing while it affects the entire body  with this powerful gentle touch. Performs amazing results. This treatment continues to work up to three hours after the service is performed.

Spa Packages

No need to run away from Unity, SK to enjoy luxurious spa packages. Unity has Sunrise Wellness Spa — an urban oasis close to home. Treat yourself or someone you love to hours of relaxation.

The Sunrise Sensation:   $280.00

Start with our Vital Chi Skin Brushing, Cleanse and detox the skin, the largest organ of the body with Moor Mud, relax in our Hydrotherapy Air Jet-Tub. Complete with an Eminence Facial and a Full Body Massage.

The perfect way to nurture and maintain your health. 4 Hours

The Royal Transformation:   $275.00

Start with our Vital Chi Skin Brushing and Body Scrub for total absorption. Then our replenishing and healing body wrap with Moor Mud from Austria or Dead Sea Mud or Sea Weed. This is followed by a therapeutic relaxing Full body massage. Great stress reduction. 3 Hours.

We use Moor Mud Spa and Ore products in this wonderfully indulgent and relaxing treatment.

The Jade Butterfly:   $180.00

Relax, Release and Restore Balance back into your body with hot/cold jade stones and volcanic ash encased by sea shells followed by a refreshing and rejuvenating Customized Eminence Facial. Slip into serenity and transform yourself. 2 – 2.5 Hours.

Blissful Extremities:   $110.00

Our Signature Manicure and Pedicure all in one. Relaxing soak, foot and hand care (cuticles, buffing, shaping, nails, calluses). Finish up with a massage on lower legs, feet, forearms and hands to release tension and stimulate your nerve endings along with increasing circulation. 2 – 2.5 Hours.