Maintenance Massage for Body and Mind

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Why do i need a full body massage? I haven’t injured myself…. There are many reasons to get a full body massage regularly.

Everyone gets repetitive strain injuries. Regardless of your job your body is strained at work, doing household chores, yard and garden work, holidays you take, weekend warriors – Even if you have been doing a sport or activity all your life your body receives strain.

As you strain yourself repeatedly over the hours, days, weeks and years you are now hurting big time. You tell yourself it will eventually go away, however; there are some muscles that remain out of proper alignment because of repetitive strains. Ignoring these signs of soreness cause you to awaken one day to find you can’t move, raise your arm, bend like you used to.

This is where a regular full body massage will give you amazing results and keep you healthy. It is maintenance work. A full body massage will reduce the stress on your whole body including your mind. Which means the body will function better. Your mind will be clearer, you will have more patience at work, at home. You will have energy, be able to bend, pick up something, turn your head, play with your children, live without pain. Your disposition will improve – your spouse will appreciate your new calmness, your children will find you are fun again, your employer or employees will notice a change in your performance and on and on. All the systems of the body will be happy and will function at its optimum level. 

Do you have Health Coverage that you aren’t using? If you don’t use it you lose it…..

Don’t wait until your body hurts and your head is pounding. Call me today to start your regular maintenance. 306-228-2808