Loving Hands





Loving Hands

Do you have loving hands or rough hands with cuticles that are dry and cracked?  What if told you that you can have loving healthy hands, would you believe me?

For Loving Hands I reccomend Nourish.  Nourish is an all-time classic cuticle therapy, this pure blend of antioxidant vitamins and healing agents provides instant hydration and continuous moisture to nourish and soothe cuticles and nails. It feeds the matrix of the nail as it’s massaged in to stimulate circulation and growth.  

Nourish is not greasy.  Apply a small amount to cuticles and more across your hands for the full experience.  Your hands will look like new, look soft and suptle and welcoming to touch.  Lotion may be applied after nourish.

Having loving hands, makes touching a babies face, a loved ones cheek, or receiving an engagement ring from your partner the most memorable occasion.

We do all kinds of work that invole our hands and nails. So why not display their beauty.  

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