How Does FIRMA energywear Work?


FIRMA is made with a special fabric that has a perfectly balanced mix of biocrystal, bio-ceramic, and mineral incorporated into it in a permanent fashion.

This mix of crystal/ceramic/mineral is able to ‘capture’ & reflect the wearer’s body heat back to them as far-infrared energy, which can provide a multitude of benefits for the wearer. These benefits can include:

Increased micro-circulation & vasodilation in contacted Skin & Muscle tissues to a depth of 5cm

Energy emitted by fabric stimulates blood vessels and skin tissue, leading to better micro-circulation in the covered areas by up to 92%

• Improved vasodilation lets more blood flow through the skin tissues • Far-infrared energy can only penetrate to a depth of 5 cm

Improved Skin Thermoregulation


• When insulated, FIRMA helps to keep warm by reflecting body heat and reinforcing that temperature back into the body over the colder weather outside • When not insulated (in the heat), FIRMA warms to the ambient temperature outside and signals to the body to activate the body’s cooling functions, thereby making you naturally cooler

Increase Muscle Recovery & Less Fatigue

• Studies have shown 33% faster reduction of lactic acid using FIRMA as a performance and recovery garment

• Feel better faster whether you’re doing aerobic or anaerobic exercise. Increased recovery means you can train harder and faster, and the effects are additive to your established diet and routine.

Improved Flexibility

• Increased circulation and stimulation keep your muscles and joints from getting stiff

• Thermoregulation effects help to warm stiff or sore joints

• Better circulation leads to less swelling

Better Performance During Wear

• In clinical trials, subjects showed increased reflexes and strength while wearing FIRMA’s fabric as opposed to not wearing it.

• Recovery benefits mean you can go longer with less discomfort when endurance is required

Skin Tissue Health & Aesthetics

• In Clinical Trials, FIRMA’s fabric showed the ability to reduce cellulite by 11% with regular wear over a month (min. 6 hrs per day for 30 days). The fabric’s effects help the skin & fat tissues detoxify themselves, leading to healthier and better-looking skin

• Increased Collagen synthesis by 9%, leading to younger looking skin

• Increased skin elasticity by 8%

Fashion Isn’t Forgotten

• Polyamide 6.6 offers amazing fashion benefits

• Offers both sweat-wicking and water-repellent properties, making it a perfect fabric for both active lifestyles as well as leisure-comfort environments

• Offers a luxurious feel and sheen that makes your FIRMA pieces very versatile – wear it as activewear, leisurewear, or as a 2nd skin fashion piece

• Gentle Shaping is assisted by medical-grade compression, hone your shape with FIRMA’s soft shaping and beautiful gloss


Aesthetics                                            Performance                                  Reduction of Cellulite                          Improved Performance during wear Improved Skin Smoothness                Increased reflexes, more strength, less Better Skin Firmness & Elasticity        fatigue                                              Increased Collagen Synthesis            Increased Thermoregulation while Younger looking Skin                          exercising                                    Fashionable Shaping                          Improved bio-stimulation & muscle                                                                        recovery                                                                                                                  Less muscular oxygen consumption

Wellness & Pain Care

Increased skin & tissue microcirculation

Improved Thermoregulation

Far-infrared therapy benefits

FIRMA Medical Compression Stockings

Feature graded medical compression combined with our advanced “intelligent fabric” helps to provide far-infrared benefits to the user. By combining the graded medical compression with the far-infrared technology, FIRMA can be helpful in the treatment & management of most circulation problems (diabetes, raynaud’s syndrome, etc.)

• Available Compression Ratings: 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg

• Available Colors: Black and Beige

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