Sunrise Wellness Spa Facials, Hand, & Foot Treatment Pricing

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Hand & Foot Treatments

Deluxe Manicure:    $65

The Signature Manicure with added Paraffin wax in thermal mittens. 90 min.

Signature Manicure:   $49

Includes:  soak, buff & shape nails, then polish, Hand and forearm massage.60 min.

Signature Pedicure:   $49

Includes: soak, exfoliating scrub, callus removal, cuticle work, polish and leg/foot massage. 60 min.

Deluxe Pedicure:   $65

The Signature Pedicure with added paraffin wax in thermal socks. 90 min.

Celebration Paint & Polish:   $49

Polish is cured under UV light.  It lasts twice as long as regular polish & comes in a beautiful array of colours.  No drying time, off to work! 60 min.

Electronic Foot Care:   $35

Excellent for diabetics, people with thick toenails, calluses, corns, warts and fungus infected toenails.  We use a Helius Electronic machine to help make your feet fabulous. 30 min.


Custom handcrafted product combinations of Eminence Organic Skin Care line that contains 95% active ingredients for you and your skin.

Eminence Customized FaciaL:   $85

Bask in a buffet of natural organic fruits and vegetables, customized for both men and woman. Eminence skin care products are 100% organic products that deliver rich and active ingredients to your skin.  Release your inner radiance. 60 min.

Express Eminence Facial:   $50

Experience the power and beauty of 4 wonderful Eminence products.  Quick and Refreshing! 30 min.

Back Scrub:  $50 

A deep cleansing treatment and de-stressing massage. 30 min.