For The Men: The Ultimate Women’s Christmas Gift Cheat Sheet

 We have gift cards available here at the Sunrise Wellness Spa and all the treatments can be put on the cards as well as combinations and packages!!

Here Are Some Ideas:

  1. Mani/ Pedi Combo! There will always be an upcoming event to go to that will need her to have beautiful and refreshed hands and feet!
  2. Hot/Cold Jade Stone Massage! If you have never had one… Get one and Give one! They make you feel amazing and the most perfect way to eliminate life’s everyday stresses and body fatigue.
  3. Eminence Customized Facials! All women notice their skin and when it’s looking less than perfect. We carry a 100% organic skin care line from Hungary and use Hungarian Facial Massage techniques to help with stress and lessening the tension it creates in our face and shoulders therefore it has age preventative and age corrective benefits. And who doesn’t like the idea of putting pure fruits and vegetables on their face!
  4. Moor Mud Body Wraps! Everyone has a New Year’s Resolution of getting into shape, weight loss and to take the steps to develop a healthier lifestyle, especially women. A Moor Mud Body Wrap is detoxing treatment that helps flush your body of toxins and is a great first step to get on track and make it to the goals that have been set! It also helps with stress release with the dry brushing that is done to prepare your skin for the rich nutrients of the Moor Mud!

 Just a Few of Our Boutique Products: 

  1. Firma EnergyWear! All women love to look and feel good! Firmawear is active, vocational shapewear where the fabric has biocrystals woven into it and that provides passive therapeutic benefits to the wearer from increased circulation to enhanced tissue health. This product is also really great for men!
  2. TangleWood Soaps! All natural and Toxic Free are the ticket items this year! Lots of beauty products like soaps and shampoo have lauryl sulfates and parabens which are known to cause breast cancer! These soaps are handmade, natural and free of lauryl sulfates and parabens and made in Alberta, Canada!!
  3. Eminence Organic Skin Care! Women love to take care of their skin so it stays healthy and youthful! Our Hungarian 100% Organic Skin Care Line has lots of products to meet different skin care needs of each individual. It also contains 98% active cold pressed ingredients so see results! Oh Yah!!!
  4. Herbal Teas and Lavender Infused Socks! It’s snowy and cold outside this time of the year so give the gift of cozy warmth for Christmas. We have an assortment of yummy teas and comfy, cozy socks!