Tea Asiatica’s selection of loose leaf and blooming tea are of the highest caliber in quality, taste and fragrance. Determination of appropriate water temperature so you will benefit from tea There are many ways to determine when your water is hot enough for steeping your tea without the use of a thermometer. “Sheng Pien” meaning “sound distinguishing”. Using your ear you can distinguish three clear levels of heat. At the first level, the water makes a low humming sound and is called medium-done, yin-yang, or baby water. Such water is never used for making tea and in fact is never used for anything in cooking, as yin-yang water is said to be unhealthy. At the second level the water starts to pop noisily in your kettle or container. This is called mature water and is generally the right level for making tea. At the third level, the water bubbles ferociously….

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