My Passion, My Vision, My Dream of a European Spa

I have a passion for natural wellness. I believe in living a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.

After providing and completing 20 years of service in Massage Therapy to the community of Unity. I had the desire to add more value to my services.

I pursued Massage Therapy as a career because of all the help I received 38 years ago. I was so grateful and I wanted to help half as many people as the late Grace Thain from Mid Night Lake had helped over the span of 40 years. I believe I would and have provided a great service to Unity and District.

Once again I was faced with psoriasis and checked out all the options for treatment, there was little out there for me to choose from. Through research I found European Spas offered natural treatments for psoriasis. Twenty years ago there was no training in Saskatchewan so I ventured to acquire the training that I needed.

I went to Raleigh, South Carolina, and Minneapolis to get and understand developing a Spa. I had a number of plans and dreams were grandiose. I continued pursuing training for spa services. I then traveled to Oakland, California to learn about body wraps and different kinds of mud and how to wrap. There is an art to this

I journeyed to Las Vegas to the I SPA (International Spa Association) and there I gained many contacts and was overwhelmed with all the choices one had to make regarding products from all over the world! Here I connected with a company call Moor, which offers the most amazing mud that I still use in the Spa today.

My next journey was to Santa Fe, New Mexico where a German couple came to teach the Kniepe method of spa treatments. It was fascinating and exciting to learn all the health benefits that could be addressed through the use of Hot and Cold Water Treatments under high pressure. Learning that all showers and baths should end with ice cold water for great health benefits.

Other amazing body treatments that I learned about and continue to provide at the Spa:

  • Body Brushing using natural bristle brushes
  • Body Wraps using linen material, European mud, peat and seaweed from all over the world and from different depths of the oceans
  • Hydrotherapy using the Kniepe Method

These body treatments will help with different skin problems, calm nervous system reducing stress load on body, reduce swelling from legs, detoxify and re energize the body.

This in not magic or an overnight quick fix, it take time. To restore for body and to address any ailments the body has it take time. We suggest doing 6 consecutive treatments as well as setting up a specific home care system for 30 days. It is absolutely regenerating and reviving experience.

I continue to attend yearly Spa conferences in Vancouver or Vegas. One has to keep up with the industry. When I travel I go and experience different spa treatments to see what they are like and see if I would bring them into my spa.

Today there are many “Spas” but few that offer the treatment with water or all the mud treatments.

Call and Book your Body Wraps/ Exfoliation or Hydrotherapy Treatments.

Experience all of this right here in Unity!

Geraldine Barrett

Customized Facials with Eminence

Why is Eminence so AMAZING? Because:


  •  USDA ORGANIC-A leading global standard committed to recognizing organic agriculture.
  • DEMETER CERTIFIED -Demeter is a certifying body for products from Biodynamic® Agriculture. All products are subject to a strict and comprehensive verification process. And more……                                                                                                

    2. THEY CARE:

  • Forest for the Future- 

    “We are planting trees in 19 developing countries throughout the world including Burundi, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania. In Africa, agro-forestry provides families with the education and tools to create their own tree nurseries. The profits allow them to support their basic needs, while also benefiting the environment and fighting deforestation.” – From:

  • Eminence Kids- 

    “We believe that providing organic, locally-sourced and nutrient-rich foods for seriously ill children to eat is an essential part of their treatment, healing and long-lasting health. The Éminence Kids initiative donates organic fruits, vegetables and foods to sick children around the world.”- From:

    3. IT’S ORGANIC And NOT $$$$$$$$!

  • The Eminence Skin Care Line is Organic and because the ingredients are organically grown fruits and vegetables that we eat on a day to day basis the products are bio-recognizable therefore our body doesn’t need to process what we are supposed to be doing with the rich nutrients of the products, our skin already knows what to do!
  • All the products are cold pressed! NO HEAT ADDED! Heating the ingredients would break down the fruits and vegetables and we would not have the full amount nutrients in the product that they have to offer!
  • They DO NOT ADD WATER! Water= Bacteria growth! But not with Eminence products! You are paying for the rich, nourishing ingredients!

Reflecting on 2015 and Pressing on in 2016


It’s time to make some changes in our daily lives and make plans in order to accomplish our dreams and/or our desires. I am sharing some of my journey from the past 2 years of taking online courses. It is never TOO LATE for something new and CHANGE!

I have learned lots and I am slowly integrating them into my life.

REFLECTING over 2015 and IDENTIFY what worked and what did not. This the difference and you should write this out so you can review it and evaluate how much you have grown or “come along” on your journey.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What did work?
  2. What did not work?

After you have written these questions out take some time and reflect on the WHAT NOT…and learn from that.

Now it is time to start planning for 2016. Make sure you write this down too. You’re more likely to achieve your goals if they are written down and reviewed regularly in order to keep you on tract.

What are your categories? … Business? Health? Family? Relationship?

First of all before you dive right into achieving your goals you have to put into place it is always very beneficial to PURGE!

I started my purging about 1 year ago. I have belonged to many organizations and attended many conferences. Now 15 years later is was time to sort, organize and purge of all the unnecessary items I have accumulated over the years. I decided to host Christmas this year and I decided to go through my home and WOW! It was so nice to be rid of pieces of paper and just STUFF! I then moved on to my business for the 2nd go around. I spent 4 days and the staff came and helped me one day to go through filing drawers, organizing, shredding, deleting and labeling. It feels like a brand new place!

There is less frustration and we can find everything we need and we have streamlined all our procedures and documenting things that are relevant.

Now For The Focus!

  1. What will you work on this year and be Specific!
  2. Plan- Write out how you will accomplish this. Do you need to read books or attend workshops and which ones?
  3. How much will you need to read daily? Sometimes it’s easier to READ OUT LOUD! If you are like me reading can sometimes help you fall asleep so I read out loud and I stay awake and I also retain more of what it is I am reading. Underline and highlight important information or information that you really relate to. It’s nice to be able to go back to it over the years for reminders.
  4. Keep a notebook of all your plans. This way everything is one place. Review often to see that you are working in the right direction and how far you have come.
  5. Have a mentor or an accountability partner! The right person can keep you on track and focused. It’s amazing what you will learn. My accountability partner is awesome and lives on the other side of America! We meet and talk once a week. There are many ways of doing this FREE OF CHARGE. We map out one hour and it’s worth it. It is invigorating and positive. We can practice our NEW ways of speaking and identify our WORDS that are not serving us. Our Vocabulary is critical to our achieving success and our dreams. We need to use positive words that will ATTRACT positive outcomes.

It’s not too late to adopt NEW HABITS in a new way. Every step you take will bring you closer to your goal.

REMEMBER: If you keep doing the same thing that you have always done, you will get the same thing that you have always got.

And be patient changes come slowly, be persistent.

It is time to CHANGE, Let 2016 be the best year ever!

The Best is Yet to Be!


Sunrise Wellness Spa’s Transformation!

Our New Look!!!………….. Where are we going from here??

With 35 Years behind us, I have reflected over the many steps of change that have brought us to the edge of retirement. This is a journey and there have been many bends in the road along the way.

When I first started I visited a consulting firm in Edmonton. After many hours of brainstorming I reluctantly removed “Mon-Gee” from my business name, a name that meant a lot to me. “Mon” was used because it represented my father’s surname and “Gee” for Geraldine. However it did not have ‘sales’ appeal. We developed a new marketing plan and expanded the business into a spa. Then came the big change. A computer program would make business more efficient so I embarked on the technology world.

When I first started Pat Welter of Masterhand Designs was launching his career and made me my first sign to set up at #26 Brentwood Trailer Court.

In 2000 when I purchased the police barracks, Pat developed the beautiful blue sign that adorned the front lawn for 15 years. We ventured into new colors at the spa so a great way to start off the new look was a beautiful new sign created by Pat! Pat worked hard and brought color and meaning to the amazing sign that was ready for our 35th Anniversary on August 20th. Paul Marshal; a welder and great friend of Pat’s, said to me that the Spa’s new sign is some of Pat’s best work. We are so proud of it!

We added butterflies and flowers to the spa trademark and chose lavender and pink to bring a calming effect to the ambiance. Kait shared her talent of colors and decor, giving birth to a total new look. We transferred this new vibe of colors and images through-out the treatment rooms in the spa and onto our business cards and brochures.

The Butterfly is the symbol of transformation. A caterpillar spins itself a cocoon and emerges as a beautiful butterfly. This is the feeling we want our clients to have when they leave the spa. We want them to feel new and fresh, with renewed balance and beauty. We want them to feel transformed and invigorated.

I will share the history of the colours that Pat so meticulously shared as he designed the sign. It compliments the healing that colors bring us. The study of color therapy is fascinating.

White represents all colors to create balance and harmony. The Blue is a cooling color and helps relieve inflammation, headaches, and high blood pressure. Brown represents the earth so helps with body stability and grounding. Magenta regulates the adrenaline and heart activity. Violet/Purple stimulates the spleen & white blood cells to increase your immunity & relieve emotional stress. Indigo purifies the blood stream. Yellow strengthens the nerves, stomach, liver, and intestines. It also speeds up the digestion. Orange increases the thyroid, stimulates the lungs, the digestive system and relieves muscle cramps & spasms.

To complete the image Pat has brought new life to our display boards for trade shows and Christmas craft fairs. Our new vertical banner will give a great visual to all who walk by. It will give a lasting impression.

Thank you Pat for your talent here in Unity. Thank you to Kait for sharing your visionary talent.

We will continue to serve you royally with our bountiful spa menu. Be sure to check it out and try something new.

Kneippe Therapy carries the bath oils using the colors derived from plants.

European Body Wraps are great and have amazing health benefits.

Jade Stone Hot and Cold Massage is indescribable and very relaxing.

Customized Eminence Organic Facials are absolutely memorable and rejuvenating. Kait does an excellent job.

Pedicures will make your feet happy and ready to dance through the autumn leaves.

Knieppe Therapy carries the bath oils using the colors derived from plants.

Check out Our Spa and Our Wonderfully Refreshing New Look! Our shelves are brimming with new Christmas lines for your shopping convenience right here in Unity.

Plan to take time to reflect in the solarium and come out rejuvenated. A solarium is a great place to journal and reflect on your day your week or your month. A way to add value to your life and achieve your dreams.

Geraldine Barrett

Geraldine Barrett’s 35th Anniversary Year!

35 Years behind us and only the future ahead!

Our 35th Anniversary Celebration was on Aug 20th. What a Perfect Day! There was no wind, no mosquitos and the sun was shining brightly!

Thank You to all the people who helped make it a special day.

  • Thank you to the Special “O” for serving over 192 burgers
  • Unity Motor Products for the canopies and Steven Halter for putting them together
  • The Town of Unity for the picnic tables
  • Scattered Friends – Evelyn Lang, Dorothy Frehlich & Nancy Schwab, who are all long time clients of 25+ years and opened this Celebration with some beautiful music
  • Scott Heatcoat of Assiniboia – our guest entertainer performed for most of the celebration with his wonderful accordion and guitar!
  • Reg Sittler set up the sound system and accompanied Scott. He was amazing as they had never played together before and they sounded awesome.
  • To my staff Verlie, Kaity, Lucy, and Shalon for keeping everything running smoothly and sharing product knowledge with ‘new interest’
  • Nora Aldred for the very beautifully decorated cake and delightfully tasting
  • For my mom of 94 years and my two sisters, Loretta and Thelma, who came from Assiniboia and helped so much taking care of many last minute details and serving throughout the day.
  • Morne Coetze for taking pictures and show casing our new sign.
  • Pat Welter of Master Home Design, who worked very hard to have our New Sign completed and installed before the Celebration.
  • And Thank You to All my clients! I would not have a successful business without all of you! It has and continues to be a privilege to serve you royally

I had the opportunity to speak a few times throughout the day to the many guests who enjoyed the entertainment, the BBQ, 35% Off Sale; and the excitement of all the wonderful Door Prizes! I shared how my purpose was to add value to their lives and their health

The day was really about them, all the people who come and seek relief from me. I go and continue to take continuing education to be current with what is happening in the massage and spa world and ultimately serve each of you with the best treatment possible.

The Giant Door Prize Basket worth $350 of products from our boutique was Won by Gail Herbach!! Congratulations Gail we hope you are enjoying everything! There were 12 other door prizes that we gave away and we thank all of our suppliers who so graciously donated wonderful products from their companies to support our celebration.

Eminence Organic Skin Care… Soluzione… Moor Products… SST Mineral Make up… Rocky Mountain Soap Company… Warm Buddies

These events don’t happen on their own, great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

Thank You to Each and Every one of You!

Geraldine Barrett