Epilepsy Purple Day March 26, 2019

Epilepsy Purple Day March 26, 2019 At the age of 12 Cassidy Megan of Halifax, Nova Scotia started PURPLE DAY.  Purple Day is an epilepsy awareness day that is celebrated globally in over 75 countries and on every continent every year on March 26. As the Ambassador for the Foundation, Cassidy is in Bombay speaking in 5 locations with neurologists, Doctors and researchers at the Fundraisers in India.There are 70 million people in the world with epilepsy and 12 million are in India.   Epilepsy is seldom talked about and certainly not in a regular conversation until it hits your family.   Dr. Jose Tellez-Zentano came from Mexico in 2003 to further his study of epilepsy in London, Ontario for 2 years and then in Calgary, Alberta for 2 years. He took a job at the University of Saskatchewan in 2007 and has been there ever since specializing in epilepsy….

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