Importance of Sports Massage @ Events

Sports Massage @ Prairie Girls Ball Tournament

in Unity

May 27th, 28th, 29th 2016

Sport Massage is a specialty, although sport massage is not designated as a specialty, it is.

There are two specific treatments performed on athletes at sports events called pre and post event.

For pre event strokes of friction; compression and jostling. This technique compliments and enhances warm up, it does not eliminate warm up routines for the specific sport. Often there is specific stretches that will make a significant difference.

Post event is after the competition to help cool down, flush out the lactates and metabolite that build up during the competition. Post Event is an asset to the athlete to recover faster and with less delayed onset muscle soreness. There are 5 specific strokes that enhance the recovery from competition. Sports Massage Therapy at 3-4 day events are especially valuable.

Unity hosted the Girls Prairie League Soft Ball Tournament

Geraldine Barrett and Jolene Stabbler provided the Sports Massage to the girls.

30 Teams attended from Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The coaches were pleased to see this service on site. Coaches and ball players alike benefit from sports massage on site.

For more information on Sports Massage

Check out:

Thera are National certification programs for Sports Massage

Spring Eminence Event

.Spring Eminence Event.

When we are in search of products for the Spa to use both in our services and to sell in our boutique there are a few things that we look for:

  1. Are they Natural, Organic or Healthy to use? – No Parabens, No Chemicals, No Animal Testing.

  2. Are they Effective? – Actually Anti-Aging? Diminish Dry Skin? Do they actually heal?

  3. Will Our Clients Enjoy This? – Do they smell nice? Is this what people want?


is AN AMAZING product that Answered + to all of our questions!!

This is a product that is not only 100% Organic it is a product that your skin will love and you will see results!

These are cold pressed fruits, vegetables, plants and herbs that are hand mixed with natural preservatives that are organically grown in Hungary.

To give back to our clients we host Eminence Events. Our Saskatchewan Representative comes out and talks about the products and the company as well as the President. Christel explains the skin care regime with different products each time and answers any questions that you may have. She teaches tips and tricks and sometimes there are even SNEAK PEAKS to NEW LAUNCHES!

 We are all about community and family here at the spa we want to help you help your body and give you as much information about healthy, healing products that you could be using.

Here are some wonderful photos of our recent Spring Eminence Event: 

Our Door Prize Winners were:

Shari Hanson

Donna Walz

Lucy Koenig

Chris DeRoo

Caroline Bulcke

Way to Go Ladies!

This is a wonderful and such an enjoyable way to try this product out and see if you like it.

Feel Free to call us if you have any questions!

306 – 228 – 2808


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