For The Men: The Ultimate Women’s Christmas Gift Cheat Sheet

 We have gift cards available here at the Sunrise Wellness Spa and all the treatments can be put on the cards as well as combinations and packages!!

Here Are Some Ideas:

  1. Mani/ Pedi Combo! There will always be an upcoming event to go to that will need her to have beautiful and refreshed hands and feet!
  2. Hot/Cold Jade Stone Massage! If you have never had one… Get one and Give one! They make you feel amazing and the most perfect way to eliminate life’s everyday stresses and body fatigue.
  3. Eminence Customized Facials! All women notice their skin and when it’s looking less than perfect. We carry a 100% organic skin care line from Hungary and use Hungarian Facial Massage techniques to help with stress and lessening the tension it creates in our face and shoulders therefore it has age preventative and age corrective benefits. And who doesn’t like the idea of putting pure fruits and vegetables on their face!
  4. Moor Mud Body Wraps! Everyone has a New Year’s Resolution of getting into shape, weight loss and to take the steps to develop a healthier lifestyle, especially women. A Moor Mud Body Wrap is detoxing treatment that helps flush your body of toxins and is a great first step to get on track and make it to the goals that have been set! It also helps with stress release with the dry brushing that is done to prepare your skin for the rich nutrients of the Moor Mud!

 Just a Few of Our Boutique Products: 

  1. Firma EnergyWear! All women love to look and feel good! Firmawear is active, vocational shapewear where the fabric has biocrystals woven into it and that provides passive therapeutic benefits to the wearer from increased circulation to enhanced tissue health. This product is also really great for men!
  2. TangleWood Soaps! All natural and Toxic Free are the ticket items this year! Lots of beauty products like soaps and shampoo have lauryl sulfates and parabens which are known to cause breast cancer! These soaps are handmade, natural and free of lauryl sulfates and parabens and made in Alberta, Canada!!
  3. Eminence Organic Skin Care! Women love to take care of their skin so it stays healthy and youthful! Our Hungarian 100% Organic Skin Care Line has lots of products to meet different skin care needs of each individual. It also contains 98% active cold pressed ingredients so see results! Oh Yah!!!
  4. Herbal Teas and Lavender Infused Socks! It’s snowy and cold outside this time of the year so give the gift of cozy warmth for Christmas. We have an assortment of yummy teas and comfy, cozy socks!

Winter Wonderland at the SunriseWellness Spa


Winter Wonderland!!!

Sunrise Wellness Spa is pleased to be partnered with Winter Wonderland in Unity again this year.

December 3, 2015

6:00pm – 9:00pm

We offer:

Free Face Painting

The Balloon Man

Hot Chocolate and Herbal Teas

Rebecca the Gladys Belgian Chocolate Lady- there will be delicious sample for $1.00 as well as packages for Christmas Gifts!! YippEee

Free Foot Massage for Tired Cold Feet

………. And sales throughout the Boutique for all the Christmas Shoppers out there!!

Come on by 120 – 2nd Street East and check out all the fun!!

Foot Care Importance


Pedicures may not interest you as you probably think painted toenails and pretty feet.

What if I told you I am referring to something so much more….. I will share with you the importance of Foot Care!

As we age, or from an injury our nails change. There are three conditions I want to address.

  1. Fungus – Is a common condition that begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail. As the fungal infection goes deeper, nail fungus may cause your nail to discolor, thicken and crumble at the edge and become irritated. It does not affect all nails. Left untreated the nail grows thick and grotesque. The yeast can affect different parts of the toe nail, finger nail or skin.

Treatment with a Helius pedicure machine will grind down thick nails and your therapist will cut away all the dead toenail. Note  the  machine  used  for this procedure.

Foot Logix Fungus Tincture is a highly recommended at home treatment to use between appointments with a qualified nail and foot care pedicure specialist.

  1. Ingrown Toe Nails – The great toe takes the blunt of this problem. It can happen on either side of the nail. Cutting down the side of the nail relieves a lot of pressure and with special tools can be filed down favorably. You must have this done regularly by a qualified nail and foot care pedicurist so you will not have to have it cut out.
  1. Hammer Toes – There is a type of massage and stretching that will prevent hammer toes from becoming a severe source of pain that will one day need to be surgically corrected with putting pins in the affected toe or toes.

Do not allow them to get to that stage. On the onset of this condition see an RMT who has taken the active isolated stretching course so your  toes  can be  stretched  effectively and you will learn how to do it as  well  to maintain  the  condition of  your toes. There are  separators to wear  to prevent  the toes  from  rubbing each other and over lapping.

This is called  Foot care. Geraldine  has  taken   the advanced  pedicure  course.



Tab Bra Fitting Event at the Sunrise Wellness Spa

Tab Bra Event


Alana Skoyen

Tuesday, November 24th

8:30am- 5:00pm

Did You Know That Most Women are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size?

The TAB bra is fully engineered, custom-fitted bra which features no under wires or elastic in its construction. The TAB bra does not “stretch” into the shape of the wearer through elastic fabrics. Instead, a minimal stretch custom- fitted bra is fitted perfectly to suit the client’s body shape.

  • Tab Bra is recognized as a Class 1 Medical Device. It is a support garment for those with orthopedic problems.
  • The shape and structure of the Tab Bra lifts and assists in the drainage of your lymph glands. It reduces risks of breast cancer.
  • For women who had a Mastectomy there is a pocket option so you can place prosthetic inserts inside if you are wanting a balanced look.
  • The Tab Bra helps lift, shape and secure you into your most comfortable postural position.
  • The Tab Bra promotes health and comfort. You can wear the bra for sports, exercise and everyday wearing.

Book A Fitting With Us TODAY!! 


Take Time for Yourself

Take Time for Yourself – Look After Yourself

It takes time to be healthy. We have to make a decision and take the steps to develop a health conscious lifestyle and contemplate what we need to do to accomplish this.

If you are already healthy look at the everyday MAINTENANCE! That means regularly making those hale and hearty choices and building them up so they transform into habit.

EAT RIGHT! – Your body requires good, hearty foods to keep it nourished and balanced.

DRINK WATER! – You need to drink 8 glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated and functioning properly

EXERSIZE DAILY! – 30 min workouts, walking to work, walking stairs, riding a bike. Anything and everything will help as long as you are physically active and some point during the day. Do more vigorous work out 3x a week for example Weightlifting, Yoga, Pilates or a more intense cardio. Get your heart rate up and get the sweat going. This releases toxins from your body and your blood gets flowing, which brings more oxygen throughout your body this equals a healthy and healing body.

YEARLY CHECK- UPS! – Very Important! Ask questions if you are not performing the way you have been. Be interested in your health.

SUPPLEMENTS! – Our body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain health and we do not acquire all the nutrients that are required through our diet.

SLEEP! – Your body needs to reboot itself every night. Get your 8 hours every night! Lack of sleep takes its toll on ones health over time.

– 98% of illnesses and ailments are caused by stress. Small stress that is not addressed accumulates and manifests in minor or even major health issues over time. ”Do not bank your stress!” Talk to a trusted person, find a counselor you are comfortable with or who will challenge you to look into your life. Learn how to let go and move on.

JOURNAL! Take time daily to reflect what your day was like. What did you learn from it? What is a keeper? What and how could you have made it better? Reflect daily, weekly and monthly and then do a year end reflection so you can start the New Year with positive plans to accomplish more. Know where you are going.

MASSAGE THERAPY! Book a monthly massage for health maintenance. You would be surprised how much your body tightens up in one month and how good and refreshing it feels when you have a monthly massage. Put this in your budget and make use of whatever insurance you have. Find a therapist or two who give you the results you are looking for. A massage should be deep enough to remove the “tightness” in your muscles or you will take pain and stress back home with you. Be sure your therapist “listens to you”. Give him/her feedback so you will be happy when you leave.

Our facials also provide reduced stress and relieves the strain on the face that left untouched develops into wrinkles and ages you faster.

LAUGHTER! is a great stress reliever and releases an endorphin that heals and repairs. Watch funny movies, play with your children, grandchildren or family members and laugh with them. Read a book that gives you a laugh. All of these will change the direction of your wrinkles.

TAKE TIME FOR EVERYTHING – Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the Heavens

I will quote a friend Paul Martinelli – “In search for the most powerful thoughts to share I have found that many of these thoughts have been attributed to many different thought leaders, making it impossible to give “credit” to any one person. I have chosen to leave off the names with the awareness that there is truly only one source…. God.”

Eminence Mini Facial Event

We had an Eminence Organic Skin Care Event October 26th!

We had our Eminence Representative, Christel Salamon, come down to teach a mini facial class to help ladies with their skin care routine at home and to talk about the products and their cold pressed ingredients and why these products are so beneficial to your skin. We featured the new Exfoliating Peels that Eminence recently launched and the Pumpkin Latte Hydration masque that is great for this time of year. We lose so much moisture in our skin during the summer due to the sun and winter is coming and with it the cold weather that tends to dry our skin out. They all are amazing products and aid in the healing of your skin!

These products are made in Hungary and all the ingredients are grown in Hungary. The products are 100% organic fruits and vegetables. The company grows the fruits and vegetables free of pesticides and chemicals and they are harvested all by hand. The company creates this organic skin care line as eco- friendly as possible. The farm where everything is grown is run off wind power and geo-thermal energy and the products are all cold pressed. There is no heat involved, therefore the products nutrients are not broken down.

When you put the product on your face, you are putting chemical free fruits and vegetables on your face and your skin is absorbing all the rich ingredients and benefiting greatly. One of the reasons why this product is so effective is because of the Bio-recognition. Your body already knows what to do with the ingredients you are putting on your face because these same ingredients are a part of your daily diet regime!  Click here for More Information on Eminence Organic Skin Care line.

The product is also made up of 98% Active Ingredients= Ingredients that are ACTIVELY CHANGING your skin! And we use these products in our Signature Customized Facials Here at the Spa!

And to top it all off Eminence Plants a Tree for Every Product Purchased!

Thank you to all the ladies that took the time to come down and take part in the class and learn about the products and the company and all the steps to maintain healthy, beautiful, and radiant looking skin!

We had a Big Eminence Product Door Prize that Liz Leibel Won!!

Tracey Schaab and Shauna Hammer Each Won THREE Consecutive FREE Facials!!

Congrats to you ladies!!! Thank you to all our Eminence Customers you have all contributed to help the Sunrise Wellness Spa plant 1648 TREES with Eminence. That equals 82.4 acres of Reforestation in developing countries throughout the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro has been an area that Eminence has helped with the planting of trees, as well as areas including Burundi, Uganda, Ghana and Tanzania!!!And thank you to our Representative Christel, for coming out and sharing your knowledge about skin maintenance and Eminence Organic Skin Care products.

Geraldine Barrett