Geraldine Barrett’s 35th Anniversary Year!

35 Years behind us and only the future ahead!

Our 35th Anniversary Celebration was on Aug 20th. What a Perfect Day! There was no wind, no mosquitos and the sun was shining brightly!

Thank You to all the people who helped make it a special day.

  • Thank you to the Special “O” for serving over 192 burgers
  • Unity Motor Products for the canopies and Steven Halter for putting them together
  • The Town of Unity for the picnic tables
  • Scattered Friends – Evelyn Lang, Dorothy Frehlich & Nancy Schwab, who are all long time clients of 25+ years and opened this Celebration with some beautiful music
  • Scott Heatcoat of Assiniboia – our guest entertainer performed for most of the celebration with his wonderful accordion and guitar!
  • Reg Sittler set up the sound system and accompanied Scott. He was amazing as they had never played together before and they sounded awesome.
  • To my staff Verlie, Kaity, Lucy, and Shalon for keeping everything running smoothly and sharing product knowledge with ‘new interest’
  • Nora Aldred for the very beautifully decorated cake and delightfully tasting
  • For my mom of 94 years and my two sisters, Loretta and Thelma, who came from Assiniboia and helped so much taking care of many last minute details and serving throughout the day.
  • Morne Coetze for taking pictures and show casing our new sign.
  • Pat Welter of Master Home Design, who worked very hard to have our New Sign completed and installed before the Celebration.
  • And Thank You to All my clients! I would not have a successful business without all of you! It has and continues to be a privilege to serve you royally

I had the opportunity to speak a few times throughout the day to the many guests who enjoyed the entertainment, the BBQ, 35% Off Sale; and the excitement of all the wonderful Door Prizes! I shared how my purpose was to add value to their lives and their health

The day was really about them, all the people who come and seek relief from me. I go and continue to take continuing education to be current with what is happening in the massage and spa world and ultimately serve each of you with the best treatment possible.

The Giant Door Prize Basket worth $350 of products from our boutique was Won by Gail Herbach!! Congratulations Gail we hope you are enjoying everything! There were 12 other door prizes that we gave away and we thank all of our suppliers who so graciously donated wonderful products from their companies to support our celebration.

Eminence Organic Skin Care… Soluzione… Moor Products… SST Mineral Make up… Rocky Mountain Soap Company… Warm Buddies

These events don’t happen on their own, great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

Thank You to Each and Every one of You!

Geraldine Barrett

Back To School Back to Sports with Sport Massage Therapy at Sunrise Wellness Spa!


September is the month we all get back to school and back into our routines from our fabulous free summers, but we also get back to our SPORTS!

Whether it be hockey, football, dance, figure skating, or volleyball and whether or not you are an adult or a child taking part in these sports we all should be making sure that we are taking care of our bodies properly. We need to our bodies to provide us with overall wellness, strength, agility, flexibility, performance, endurance, and we need to make sure with all of our activities we prevent injuries.


 The Sunrise Wellness Spa in Unity, SK provides Sports Massage and Active Isolated Stretching!

Geraldine is a Certified Sport Massage Therapist and is available for team presentations.

Here are some benefits to Sports Massage and Active Isolated Stretching:

  • Increase performance
  • Improves circulation and helps prevent water retention
  • Enhance muscle tone and helps with posture
  • Improve recovery time
  • Strengthen Immune system
  • Reduce Blood pressure
  • Increase flexibility
  • Eliminate fatigue, you will feel more energized
  • Minimizes injuries
  • It promotes muscle relaxation and helps relieve stress
  • Soothes the body of aches and pains, especially in your lower back, shoulders and neck


It’s very important to have a Registered Sports Massage Therapist provide these services for your specific sport. Post and Pre Event Massage are both very important and should be used regularly and not just used for big game events.

You will feel healthier, relaxed, refreshed, and energized.


Check out the Sports Massage Website for more information.

Geraldine Barrett