Geraldine Barrett

Owner, Massage Therapist, RMT, SMT (C)

Geraldine is the owner/manager of Sunrise Wellness Spa and brings a wide variety of techniques to the Spa. Geraldine is a motivated person who has dedicated her life to personal development while continuing to be a part of the John Maxwell Team. Her passion is to offer the best to her clientele thus she attends many continuing education courses in massage therapy and cranial sacral therapy. She believes in natural healing and organic skin care so is continually learning to benefit herself with this knowledge. Even after 35 years in practice Geraldine still finds she wants and needs to learn more.

Geraldine’s smile radiates when you ask about her son, his wife and their 3 beautiful children. Traveling to attend her grandchildren’s sports and competitions and sit in the audience brings such pride to Geraldine. In her spare time, Geraldine also enjoys sewing, reading, gardening, and talking heart to heart.

Verlie Deuchar

Guest Service Provider 

Verlie has worked as reception since 2011. She moved to Unity from Alberta in 2007. Verlie loves to learn about health and wellness in order to keep a healthy body and mind by using organic products plus receive regular massage, body wraps, and facials. Knowing now how chemicals and preservatives can react in our bodies Verlie now only trusts the finest products on her skin. Eminence Organic Skin Care from Hungary, SST Mineral Makeup from Italy, and Rocky Mountain Soap from Canmore, Alberta are some of her spa favorites.

The boutique has a wide variety of products so Verlie enjoys getting creative rearranging products and making new displays of our incoming merchandise.

In her spare time, Verlie enjoys reading, gardening, baking and spending time with her family and pets.

Ellie Leidl

Guest Service Provider

Ellie currently resides in Wilkie and before that in Unity for 20 years. She has 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren.

Ellie started working as Reception at Sunrise Wellness Spa in July of 2016. She enjoys her job very much. She is a positive person and finds new challenges rewarding. She is interested in the healing field with many different avenues and fully believes in the powers we have within. So working at the spa is very fulfilling.

She enjoys spending time with her family, and dog. Traveling to other countries is a passion and taking in the sights as well as going for long walks, reading, riding her bike, exercising and sitting by the fire talking with her partner Jason. She has been expanding her horizons in the healing field and will someday have certifications.

Ellie is grateful for the new experiences Sunrise Wellness Spa has presented and will continue to grow in the spa environment!

Tammy Balsiger

Tammy is a 2nd-year Massage Therapy Student and a newcomer to our province. She fell in love with the grass roots feel & the authenticity of Saskatchewan while working a short term job here and she & her family decided to make our province their home in autumn 2016.

Tammy’s philosophy on wellness is a holistic one – she’s a firm believer in the importance of full alignment of body, mind, and spirit. When one aspect of your being is compromised in any way, it has real consequences on the other areas. She is a huge advocate of the power & benefits of yoga, meditation and whole foods combined with regular exercise and massage in keeping a person thriving and healthy. On choosing a career in massage therapy, Tammy sums up her reasoning very simply: “Touch heals & is good for the soul on all levels.”

Tammy is an avid reader and lifelong learner and is looking into further studies & techniques in massage and integrating other healing modalities. She feels genuinely blessed to be continuing her second-year practicum under the expert and compassionate mentorship of Geraldine and has come to see the ladies of the spa as extended family.

Tammy has a positive outlook and sees life as a wonderful adventure. She loves new experiences & sees all things as an opportunity for growth. In her free time, she cherishes time with her children, close friends and family. She loves hiking, the outdoors, reading and painting.

Stop by anytime for a friendly hello or to book a massage. She is looking to make new friends and taking on new clients.